The name Golden Ace now isn’t unfamiliar to any who has ambitions with luxury mobile phones. It is the first company to bring the idea of gold plating on mobile phone into Viet Nam, over 5 years of development Golden Ace now has achieved quite a few outstanding achievements in this area which help this industry reach out of the nation to the world.
For anyone who has own any products from Golden Ace will have no doubt for the quality and preciseness of the products produced by Golden Ace.
To celebrate the 5 years anniversary, Golden Ace has presented 99 pieces of iPhone 6/6S – Special Gift Edition to purposely send their grateful to customers have been so supportive throughout all these years and helps to sustain such position in this industry as today.


The information of Anniversary Special Edition.

This edition only applies to customers that already own an iPhone5/5S Glossy Gold I that Golden Ace released in 2013.
Customers will receive a sponsor price from Golden Ace when upgrade from iPhone 5/5S Glossy Gold I to iPhone6/6S Special Gift. Besides this, Golden Ace still have many other events during this 5 years anniversary.
More details on the iPhone 6/6S Special Gift Edition. The housing is plated with 24K gold up to 5 microns of thickness and well polished.
The information of this edition and customers’ name will be engraved on the housing follow the European standard.
For the functional keys set, there are 2 options:
• Gold plated and well polished.
• Gold plated and well polished as well as encrusted with Swarovski stones.

(Source: Golden Ace | Translated by Golden Ace)

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