Catherine, is the Princess of Cambridge who also known under the nickname Kate. Catherine is the wife of Prince William, who was born in 1982 and grew up in Chapel Row, a village near Newbury, Berkshire, United Kingdom.

Catherine has great impact into fashion industry of United Kingdom and known as the “Kate Middleton effect”. In 2012, Catherine is voted to be 1 of 100 most influence people in the world.
In order to celebrates the birthday of Princess Catherine turning 34 (09/01/1982 – 09/01/2016), Golden Ace a luxury mobile phone customize company has proudly announce a special and unique iPhone 6S Royal Kingdom Edition in the world to celebrates the Princess’s birthday.
Exact to the name and meaning of this edition, the iPhone 6S Royal Kingdom is a masterpiece which is greatly and sophisticatedly blends both modern high technology and skillful tailor technique of the Vietnam’s top jewelry artisans. “Royal Kingdom not carries a royal style that is greatly influence by the Royal of United Kingdom but also a very feminine and arrogant for its owner.” – CEO of Golden Ace reveals.


The back of the phone is hand polished perfectly and plated with 18K Rose Gold.

Along the 4 sides of the phone has 186 1,5mm VVS1 natural diamonds perfectly and straightly encrusted on totally by hands and this procedure consumes about 80 continues working hours.


The details of this “Exclusive Edition” also precisely carved on back of the phone using high machinery technology to emanate the uniqueness of this Edition in the world.

Finally, the most importance and standout is the crown, an icon which represents the Royal, is precisely tailored using 18K solid Rose Gold with a combination of 53 VVS1 natural diamonds and 5 natural Pigeon Red ruby which emanate the senses noble and power.


The icon of the Royal

Time consumes to finish this “unique” iPhone 6S is 25 days starts from scratch to perfect product. However time using to research, sketch up and edit the product is about 1 month.

This clip was filmed by iPhone 6 Plus:

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