Golden Ace Company has officially launched the handcrafted decorated product of iPhone 4, called the 399 Limited Edition on June 18th
This was considered as a cover decorating service for your iPhone 4. During this handcrafted decorating process, Golden Ace artisans will plate the phone metal rim in 24k gold (equivalent to 9999 gold) with 5 micro thickness. In special editions, Golden Ace will mount 28 artificial Swarovski diamonds (imported from Austria) on the keys such as power key, volume control.

There will be only 399 service packages for sale and each iPhone will be numbered from 1 to 399.

The launch event of the iPhone 399 Limited Edition.

The products are completely handcrafted and guaranteed for its usable life-time. The accompanying packaging design is eye-catching and luxurious with a lacquer box and a leather case. It will be the best choice as a valuable gift for individuals, businesses, celebrities, etc.

The products come to the users at two different prices: 399 USD (equivalent to 8,219,000 VND) for conventional products with gold-plated rim and 599 USD (equivalent to 12,339,000 VND) for the premium version studded with artificial diamonds.

The front still has elegant looks of iPhone 4.

Golden Ace logo, code 399  and the word of Limited Edition on the back cover.

The sides are beautifully gold plated.

Gold coating around the rim is up to 5 Microns thick.

Bottom side of the phone.

Number from 001 to 399 is carved on the corner of the phone to express individuality of each product , one of the indispensable elements of the luxurious equipment.

And the accompanying packaging.

Golden Ace also introduced its handcrafting decoration technology at the event.

(Source: | Translated by Golden Ace)

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