The special iPhone 4 of Golden Ace worth almost 10,000 USD has 472 natural diamonds and it took  118 successive hours for this piece of art work to be completed. This is the first time a Vietnamese  artisan has mounted diamonds onto iPhone 4 frame and in fact there are not many similar products in the world (all are very expensive!).

On the journey to top the beauty, Gold Ace artisans have just completed one more Vietnam’s top high-end phone. Perfect to each smallest detail, each diamond of the same size is manually mounted onto the phone frame with surprising accuracy.
In the previous stage, the decorator had completed inlaying gold over all the metal parts to affirm its unique premium level. Golden Ace is also the maker of the only one iPhone in the world embossed with the Ly dynasty dragon.

After changing to a new life, iPhone 4 put on a new covering impressively decorated with 472 natural diamonds. The specifications remain the same, the only difference is the  aristocratic characteristic indicated clearly in each moment of use, showing the value of 118 successive working hours and its commercial value will surely appreciate beyond the original 10,000 USD initial investment.
Similar (or better) phones have appeared in several places in the world but the actual number is very low. Its rarity illustrates that it’s not easy to produce such craftsmanship, and we hope that this quintessential Vietnamese craftmanship will continue to shine even more radiantly.

(Source: | Translated by Golden Ace)

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