The metal cover of the latest mobile phone of RIM is gold plated with a more luxurious and elegant design by a domestic company.

BlackBerry 9930 is crafted entirely by hand within 88 hours with 28.35 g of 18K gold.

The metal cover is gold-plated to create a brilliant “covering” against the familiar gray color of BlackBerry.

The control buttons are also plated with 18K gold.

Sharp side lines of the phone.

The antenna on the bottom edge should be kept in original colors to ensure signal quality for the phone.

This BlackBerry 9930 Limited Edition version is exclusive to 68 phones crafted by Golden Ace Company. Each phone has a version number at the bottom left side of the phone.

The QWERTY keyboard done with prominent yellow horizontal lines. The main control button remains the color of white metal to avoid influence of induction.

The metal cover on the back is gold plated to accent the Bold and BlackBerry logos. The bottom is engraved with name of the handcrafting decorating company and phone owner.

Other parts remain original.

Phone operates in a stable manner with the new cover.

Try movie watching features…

.. and web surfing on the BlackBerry 9930 Full Gold Version.

(Source: | Translated by Golden Ace)

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