The monolithic gold Vertu, the Nokia 8800 studded with diamonds, gold-plated iPhone 4S … worth tens of thousands of dollars have just appeared in HCMC.

The phone made of monolithic gold and studded with diamonds is worth $ 73,000 from the Vertu brand.

Another phone made of monolithic gold of this brand is worth $ 36,000.

A silver Vertu phone.

Collection of luxurious Vertu phones.

This iPhone 4S is plated with gold, studded with 50 Swarovski artificial diamonds on the home button and control keys on the side, and the back is gold plated and studded with 12 natural diamonds VS 1 by Golden Ace. Product was offered at auction and bought for 79 million VND.

iPhone 4S Red studded with diamonds.

Nokia 8800, popular and well-known in the past, also studded with diamond.

8800 dressed in gold covering.

A golden back cover carved with a dragon, studded with diamonds, and printed with patterns and calligraphy.

Samsung brand also contributes to the collection with a version studded with artificial diamonds.

(Source: | Translated by Golden Ace)

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