Last time we introduced Detailed Image of BlackBerry Q10 White Full Gold 24K and today we would like to present the next product in the series of the gold-plated BlackBerry crafted by Golden Ace.

The previous BlackBerry Q10 White was entirely plated with 24K gold (frame, detail of keyboard, function keys, and the BlackBerry logo). This time BlackBerry Q10 Black is plated with 14K white gold. It is fair to say that a pure black BlackBerry Q10 covered with 14K white gold at the important spots becomes sharper, more powerful and its style and personal lines are more highlighted. Of course its “high-end” character and elegance is not lost, but even enhanced by one level.

The BlackBerry Q10 white 24K gold plated.

The BlackBerry Q10 black after 14K gold plated.

As we have already known a few details about Golden Ace in the previous post, this is a company specializing in handcrafting gifts, especially smart phones; iPhone and BlackBerry are two indispensable products of Golden Ace. With BlackBerry, they are particularly concerned about BlackBerry 10, which are BlackBerry Z10 and Q10. With BlackBerry Q10, we have introduced two versions (including the product in this post); BlackBerry Z10 is still in the process of finishing. The body parts will be completely modified. Due to its non-metallic substances, it needs to be crafted from precious metals, then gilded. BlackBerry Z10 is the main product and the key product of the Golden Ace targeting of International markets.

Detail of Bottom, decorative lines on keyboard showing its strength, sharpness and elegance.

Although BlackBerry Z10 is a dedicated product and carries a lot of expectations from the handcrafting decorating company, BlackBerry Q10 orders do not decrease. According to Golden Ace, they continue to receive orders from overseas for BlackBerry Q10 in particular and BlackBerry and iPhone in general..

Details of speaker, microphones, Bottom are perfectly plated.

Detail of power button (turn on/off the full screen), headphone jack.

Detail of the volume control (Up, Down and Mute-Voice Control).

Details surrounding Micro HDMI and Micro USB ports.

Typical logo of BlackBerry and border separating body with back cover.

Accessories HS-700 Bluetooth earphone plated “ton sur ton” with BlackBerry Q10 (gift from the handcrafting decorating company).

Fashionable real leather key hook and 14K gold-plated stainless steel (gift from the handcrafting decorating company).

Original Headset.

Original charger.

BlackBerry Q10 and accessories are packaged safely in lacquer boxes by European standards.

(Source: | Translated by Golden Ace)

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