The definitive term “ Luxurious Cellphone “ appeared ten years ago, when Vertu, Mobiado, Goldvish launched globally and even in Vietnam.

These designing, manufacturing and decorating firms have experienced all stages of production(from A to Z) of their products, from the designs formed right at the beginning through delivery to the customers. All these products have the following points in common:

– They are designed, produced and decorated with certain types of pre-selected materials
– They use simple operating systems (old)
– The designs and materials cannot be tailored as per request of the customer (or only at a very high cost)

Clearly, these points are disadvantages for those customers who have the need to using a Luxurious Cellphone. Even though this kind of customer does not account for the majority of phone buyers but this greatly affects the sales of Luxurious Cellphones manufacturers in general.

Nowadays, users of Luxurious Cellphones are not known to be using them simply as jewelry items. Information technology has developed so rapidly that the Internet and Multimedia have expanded to every corner of the society. A hustling life, always busy with things to do, stimulates the need to possess an expensive, luxurious and valuable cellphone with strong functions. And of course, those who can afford such a cellphone are usually in that same boat.

Golden Ace, a company specializing in designing, handcrafted decorating and making invaluable gifts, including designing coverings and handcrafted decorating of Luxurious cellphones can meet the above demands. If you are interested in Golden Ace, please read the following to get more information. In this article, I would like to introduce to you a BlackBerry Q10 White plated with gold-24k.

Before you see the detailed image, please read the summary of processing procedure of a BlackBerry Q10 Full Gold 24K to see how elaborate and carefully detailed the staff is at Golden Ace

Detailed image of Blackberry Q10 White Full Gold 24k:

Blackberry Q10 White Full Gold 24k.

The most time consuming part was to process the bottom and the fringe connecting parts.

The 24k plate makes the Blackberry Q10 sparkling and expensive.

The volume and details on the right were done with extremely elaborately.

Details on the left.

Detailed to the each nanomet.

Typical logo of Blackberry with 24k gold plate.

The top of the cellphone from behind.

During the whole process, the staff must wear protecting gloves.

Original headset.

Original charger.

Key hook plated in 24k gold.

Blackberry HS-700 headset in 24k gold plate.

Different from the normal version, Blackberry Q10 White Full Gold 24k has a key hook and Bluetooth headset plated in gold (limited quantity).

Blackberry Q10 White Full Gold 24k and its whole accessories.

Blackberry Q10 White Full Gold 24k and its gold-plated key hook.

An expensive case with shock-proofing and protective cover.

The key hook containing Blackberry Q10 White Full Gold 24k is plated with gold.

The container of Blackberry Q10 White Full Gold 24k is designed and made according to European standards.

Golden Ace revealed Blackberry Q10 Full Gold 24k as it’s first product launched in Vietnam and the world. In the near future, Golden Ace will introduce Blackberry Z10, which will be re-made completely and will then become a big breakthrough in the industry for designing and handcrafted decorating the cellphones with valuable stones.

Golden Ace also noted that many processing firms like them have given up working with the Blackberry Z10 but they have been successful with this. BB Vietnam will be the sole website to give detailed reviews of the coming Blackberry Z10.

( Source: | Translated by Golden Ace)

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