The special cover named 399 L.E, and only produced 399 limited editions by Golden Ace Company exclusively for Iphone 5S.

This cover is made from copper alloy and plated with 18k gold. In addition, the product also cleverly incorporates crocodile skin and diamonds to increase the uniqueness and luxury.

Product is a skillful combination between gold, leather and gemstones.

399 L.E has two main colors based on crocodile skin colors that are Space Grey (grey) and Pure White (white). These crocodile skins were produced manually in accordance with the Italian standards. Each product has one leather case with same color to cover.

The crocodile skins are processed manually in accordance with the Italian standards.

Part of phone back.

The Home button remains the original in front.

Apple Logo is crafted from Monolithic gold and studded with natural diamonds.

The function keys are crafted by hand and studded Swarovski diamonds.

Each handmade completed cover spent more than 55 hours of work through the stages from prototyping until fully assembled. The function keys are crafted from copper alloy, 18k gold-plated and studded with artificial Swarovski diamonds.

The most interesting part of this version is Apple’s apple logo was made of Monolithic gold and studded with 24 natural diamonds of VS1 standards. The product is sold accompanying a handmade leather case the same color to cover.

In order to care and improve quality of service for customers who have used the product, this product line is guaranteed permanently by Golden Ace Company.

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(Source: | Translated by Golden Ace)

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