The latest Apple phone plated with gold, studded with artificial diamonds, and a snake molded on the back for Tet Quy Ty (the lunar new year of Golden Snake) has just appeared in HCMC. Beside the snake version, there is an additional dragon version.

This phone is an order for Tet Holiday.

Two sides are rimmed with gold plated lines and 4 corners studded with artificial diamonds.

The snake on the back of the iPhone 5 is molded in alloy and studded with Swarovski Gems artificial diamonds and gold plated.

The two metal pieces covering the camera (top and bottom) are crafted in stainless steel 316L (imported from Belgium).

Motifs on the phone are made using a Digital Chemical Etching technique (Digital corrosion by chemical method) simulating snake scales and skillful plating. The weight of the whole product increases by 33 grams compared to the original version of the iPhone 5, bringing the user a steadier feeling while holding in their hand.

In addition to the snake version, the dragon version was also introduced in this Lunar New Year.

The dragon version made of monolithic gold is limited to 39 products (monolithic gold 585-58.5% or monolithic gold 750-75%). Especially with 9999 (99.99%) monolithic gold dragon, only 9 products are made. This version has 4 corners studded with artificial diamonds.

Two side edges are braced with gold-plated lines.

The dragon was casted with monolithic gold, with the eyes made of natural Ruby. Notably with the detail of the dragon scales, Vietnamese craftsman applied carving techniques skillfully to make sharp and impressive dragon scales.

(Source: | Translated by Golden Ace)

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