The Apple phones have traditionally been plated with gold and studded with gemstones by handcrafters to enhance its elegance.

However, the iPhone 5 aluminum cover factory painted by an anodized insulation method has caused great difficulty during paint cleansing and gold-plating processes.

Therefore, Golden Ace – mobile phone decorating company in Vietnam has provided a solution to “elevate” iPhone 5 users with a protective frame called Golden Armor from the idea of creating an armor.

Accompanying Golden Armor is a leather case, gold-plated earphones, a key-ring and certificate of genuine product.

After receiving iPhone 5, Golden Ace will return the original aluminum cover to users and replace it with a Golden Armor frame. There are up to nine versions for the users to choose from with a combination of precious materials such as gold, natural leather, porcelain and gemstone. The first released version is the gold cover with 18K or 24K option. Golden Armor is made with sophisticated cutting and engraving techniques and designed in accordance with the customers’ needs. The detail of “8 shaped mechanical screws” increases emphasis & ensures the basic sound mechanical structure for the body. Also, 9 safety fixing latches are embedded into the frame to ensure structural integrity & flexible changeability among Golden Armor versions. Due to being modified in accordance with the original cover, Golden Armor will increase the weight of the iPhone by about 30g.

Luxurious, and big box design.

Some pictures of Gold iPhone 5:

View from the top of the phone: The glass, frame, and the Apple logo, and hard keys are replaced with gold at customer’s request.

Modified with pure gold , iPhone 5 should be used with caution.

Mechanical fixing screws can be viewed from the front and bottom of the device.

View  from the side: the keys studded with gemstone.

Overview of the front after change of the cover.

Detail of Product packaging.

(Source: | Translated by Golden Ace)

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