Apple phone looks magnificent in a golden “covering” with 215 natural diamonds. The finished product is worth nearly 160 million VND.

This back cover is crafted from a monolithic alloy and studded by hand with 70 natural diamonds of 2.0 mm in size and plated with 18K gold.

This iPhone 4S is decorated by Golden Ace Company as per an order from a businesswoman in HCM City.

The total number of diamonds of all types (2.0 mm, 1.50 mm, and 1.20 mm) studded on the product is 215 weighing approximately 3.65 carats.

The Completion time for each product is 99 hours (completely by hand).

The Apple logo on the back cover is molded in real gold. The total number of natural diamonds studded on the apple logo is 75 diamonds.

The keyboard on the phone edge is also studded with 25 natural diamonds.

The top button is also diamond studded.

The Home key is molded with white 14K gold, and plated with 18K gold on completion and then studded with 39 natural diamonds of size 1.2 mm.

Sparkling gold-plated phone edge.

(Source: | Translated by Golden Ace)

>> View details iphone 4S Full Gold & VS1 Diamond<<

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