After 81 hours of processing, Apple’s latest phone is adorned with a gold-plated covering and studded with 508 Swarovski artificial diamonds. The cost of processing including diamonds and gold for plating is almost 40 million VND.

The phone is plated with gold and studded with diamonds on the edges.

The thickness of gold plating on the product is 3 microns.

According to Golden Ace Company, the phone is studded with 508 Swarovski artificial diamonds.

The details are crafted carefully.

It has a Gold plated sim slot.

This iPhone 4S is an order from a company in Hanoi.

The cost for handcrafting, diamonds and gold plating is 39.6 million VND, not including the price of phone.

Camera border and some other details included.

The handcrafting decorating company said all the stages were handcrafted.

(Source: | Translated by Golden Ace)

>> View details iPhone 4S studded with 508 diamonds <<

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