These are iPhone, engraved from monolithic by hand by the handcrafting decorating Golden Ace in Vietnam, are worth 180 million VND.

The gold-engraved iPhone 5S belong to the Art Of Soul Collection are crafted with limited versions. Price for each product is up to 180 million VND.

Products are packaged in luxurious lacquer boxes, with a picture painted by hand on the boxes.

The inside of box is coverd with Italian lamd leather.

IPhone 5S and accompanying accessories.

Detailed picture carved skillfullly with exquisite lines and marvels on the back of iPhone.

It can be said that the painting is the “soul” of this product set.

Details of the edge and the SIM slot are also crafted from Monolithic gold.

The buttons on the edge are crafted from Monolithic gold and studded with natural diamonds.

The power button on the top edge is studded with diamond.

The small details such as the charging port and headphone jack, both are crafted from Monolithic gold.

Home button in the front with fingerprint sensor remains as the original.

In addition to Apple’s accompanying accessories, there is a luxurious crocodile leather accompanying case for each product set.

This can be seen as a collection of products that are the most carefully, skillfully crafted exclusively for iPhone 5/5S until this time. A unique intersection and combination between technology products and traditional workarts.

(Source: | Translated by Golden Ace)


>>View Details iPhone 5S – Art Of Soul Collection <<

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