They are rays of prisms content of square, triangle and rectangle – Clous de Paris follows the Guilloche machinery pattern design.

 More over the Guilloche is type of design that uses the prism shape repeatedly and precisely carves on the surface of an object through precise mechanical technique.


Clous De Paris motif

Clous de Paris has been applied widely on watches and well known jewelry brands around the globe. The most commonly use geometry prism on Clous de Paris is square prism.


At the beginning of June 2015, Golden Ace – a company specialize in tailor luxury mobile phones in Vietnam has unveil the iPhone 6 “Clous de Paris” edition. It is limited to only 50 pieces is produced worldwide.


With this edition, the housing is being gold plated up to 5 microns of thickness and precise machinery carved on using the Clous de Paris design. Mr. Duong Tran Quang Minh reveals:
“Golden Ace has spent 5 months to work on this edition for iPhone 6 – Clous de Paris from scratch ideas to the perfectly finish product. The process of applying the Guilloche design into mobile phone isn’t simple. It requires perfect precision of the rays of prisms, especially the surface of the housing of the Iphone 6 is quite large, therefore it consumed a lot of time to research and develops.”
Beside the amazing geometry design, another remarkable detail in this edition is the original Apple logo now has been replace by a precisely tailor 18K solid gold Apple logo, and the name of this edition “Clous de Paris” is being carve at the lower part of the housing.
The functional keys set include: power button, volume buttons set have been precisely tailor using 18K solid gold and carved a number of square prisms to make phone more sophisticate.



Logo of the tailor company and the limited number is carved at the lower part of right hand side.


Inclusive accessories: high quality lacquer box with a gold plated metal plate carved the edition name “Clous de Paris” and other basic information


A certificate paper and metal gold plated metal card with all the tailor detail and device information.

Genuine ostrich leather pouch, all to be matched with the device.
Time consume for the iPhone 6 “Clous de Paris” edition is 10 working days.

Source: Vnexpress

The video about iPhone 6″Clous de Paris – 24K Gold and 18K Rose Gold”:

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