Vietnamese goldsmiths spent almost 6 months embossing a dragon with nearly 590 natural diamonds and 4 taels of 18K gold on the iPhone (3GS version)

The iPhone 3GS is embossed with a dragon and studded with diamonds as per an order by a Vietnamese. This dragon symbol is inspired by the Vietnamese Ly Dynasty dragon.

It took Golden Ace goldsmiths more than 4 months to create complete design ideas, and the processing stage took another 2 months.

This is a product entirely made by Vietnamese goldsmiths through 5 stages: design, hand wax – molding – shaping (wax modeling, making mold), studding stone, and external plating, completion.

There are 585 natural diamonds in total and a red ruby for the eye. In addition, there are also 4 taels of 18K gold for other shaping details. The cost of materials for the iPhone comes to almost 300 million VND.

The iPhone was delivered to its owner last weekend.

iPhone edge is studded with diamonds

Dragon embossed on the back cover of the iPhone

(Source: | Translated by Golden Ace)

>> View details iPhone 3GS Ly Dynasty’s Dragon <<

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