In this writing, GameK is going to introduce to you some of the most remarkable products in the golden collection by Golden Ace in Hochiminh city. The collection includes many models from different phone companies, from iPhone, Nokia, Blackberry, to Mobiado. The interesting part is that all the products are modified by the hands of Vietnamese artisan goldsmiths, including accompanying leather cases and lacquer boxes which are also made and enhanced meticulously by domestic artisans.

Depending on the model, each model is now around 20 million dong, waiting time for decoration and delivery from Golden Ace is about 7 to 10 days.
Apple iPhone
Includes iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS with metal frame, volume buttons, power button and the decorating circle around the camera inlaid with gold. The sim card tray and the sim reject tool are also silver-plated, accompanying with a luxurious leather box.

Mobiado and BlackBerry

Super luxurious Mobiado Professional is inlaid with gold by Golden Ace as well to enhance its elegance. BlackBerry is gold plated on the back cover, the edges are rimmed with new metal (silver mixed with platinum) and mounted precious gems on the front. For the super hot Mobiado, the finely embossed Golden Ace logo can be seen on the side of the phone.


In the next writing, reporter GameK will “infiltrate” into the process of handcrafted decoration of golden inlaid phones by Golden Ace artisans in Ho Chi Minh city. Be sure to check it out!

Many  thanks to Golden Ace Co., Ltd. – Golen Ace for their support with products!

(Source: | Translated by Golden Ace)

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