Only a few days after Apple officially launched the iPhone 5S with 3 color options: traditional white, gray and champagne yellow did Golden Ace Vietnam, the technology products and luxurious gifts handcrafted decorating company, which is always a “pioneer” in creation of the first luxurious handcrafted decorated phone versions in the country, also introduce a specially handcrafted decorated version of iPhone 5S named “Glossy Gold” (shiny gold).

In this version, Golden Ace neither changed its features nor made iPhone 5S sophisticated. Instead, the company craftsmen focused on the application of the treatment experience and completely handmade polishing technique. With this technique, each iPhone 5S Gold Glossy version was processed by Vietnamese craftsman’s hands after 14 hours of continuous work. The work is done meticulously on each smallest detail for each stage. This creates a mirror-like perfectly shiny and flawless surface on the iPhone 5S, making most viewers surprisingly interested.

The entire body of iPhone 5S Gold Glossy is plated with 14K real gold up to 5 microns thick, bringing to the users a sturdy feel and reliability during the long term use of the product. Additionally, the functional keys (except for the Home button) and the apple logo are entirely crafted from monolithic 585 gold and manually studded with 35 natural  diamonds (VS1 standards).

Apple logo crafted based on the concept of Apple.

The keys studded with natural diamonds.

The back cover perfectly plated with gold and shiny as a mirror.

The small details and edges are also sophisticatedly plated with gold.

It is known that this is a limited version; only 99 phones are crafted and distributed worldwide.

The Representative of the handcrafted decorating company  – Mr. Thang Eric said: “This is the first time we bring to our domestic and international customers an entirely manually polished product with a high level of sophistication. It took us a lot of time to research and complete the product. In addition to gold plating, we create other interesting upgrades for customers to experience when owning this special iPhone 5S Gold Glossy version “.

Now technology lovers and especially iFan again witness the rise of the hottest smart phone to be put on a “cover” made of perfect gold and diamonds.

>> View Details iPhone 5S Glossy Limited Edition   |   >> Check Available Number 1 -> 99

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