Mobiado Professional 105 GMT White Version with two Swiss watches is put on a gold and diamond cover by a Vietnamese company. This Mobiado has a code number 06/50; only 50 models of the series are  released world wide by a Canadian mobiphone company. The phone owned by a businessman in Hanoi is put on a new outfit by Golden Ace.

Before handcrafted decoration, the phone was in 90% new condition due to faded white nickel plating on the outside. A few spots on the body had peeled, revealing the monolithic copper beneath.

Mobiado Professional 105 GMT wearing a  gold-plated and diamond-studded coat.

To carry out the restoration, the craftsmen had to completely remove the nickel plating on two rimmed details. “Just a small incident or mistake occurring will make the Mobiado Professional GMT 105 worth 160 million worthless” said Representative of Golden Ace.

Then this phone is “re-decorated” , mounted with 318 diamonds of 1.2mm in size on two border bars in alternating pattern design. Finally, these two bars are  “plated” one more time with 18K pink gold making an entirely new “cover”.

Total time for the entire process  is approximately 81 hours. Processing cost was not disclosed.

Mobiado Professional 105 GMT gold-plated and diamond-studded:

The back of the phone.

Two border bars are plated with gold.

Diamonds studded on the two bars

Swiss watches on the phone.

Exquisitely diamond studded.

(Theo | Translated by Golden Ace)

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