In the past two years, the craftsmen here wanted to give up many times since to have an Iphone completed with the right ratio, they had to use 60 phones.

Being the first Vietnamese firm to design and decorate luxurious and famous Iphones or modern Nokia with materials of gold, diamond and valuable stones, Golden Ace – or Thoi Dai Vang Co., Ltd has asserted itself by penetrating into the rich and luxury market. And the only protection for this young brand is their first and unmatched handcrafted cellphones which are promisingly astonishing to technology and jewelry world as well as to those who “hunt” for unique products.

A complete product with its extraordinary gorgeousness.

“Sleeper” in the branded market

Thang Eric, the owner of Golden Ace, lived with his fate as a rebel in a foreign country to look for a way out for Vietnamese brand. Thang who used to be a student studying technology in Nottingham University (England), worked in some cellphone firms in England. The obsession of a Vietnamese brand in Thang Eric could have been so big that he changed his career to jewelry art. And in this world where can we find such a suitable and close area for jewelry making technology? Vietnam is his first and also the last place that Thang Eric looked for.

Meeting Thanh – a jewelry skillful craftsman, who had lived in seclusion for half of a decade, Thang Eric luckily worked with a perfect collaborator with high skills and relentless creativity. Both set up a professional crew and focused on producing cellphone covers with jewelry by the perfect handicraft techniques.

With the purpose of creating a Vietnamese brand as the key for the development of jewelry handicraft and cutting-edge technology, both made Iphone, Nokia and Blackberry covers by hand with great accuracy in every minute detail. In his firm, there are very few staff and each product is like a strike  point of learning knowledge and skill.  Vietnamese culture is such a strong philosophy that it does not require any shocking revelation.

These elaborate products have appeared much on the news recently. One of the reasons is that the road to a genuine Vietnamese brand has been many times longer than the road to conquer and get beyond the expectation of customers. Will this luxurious “made in Vietnam” product “enjoy the hectic hunt” from the community? This concern has enabled them – the sleeper- to be conqueror of their customers.

The sweetness of the cutting

It took 2 years to get over all the obstacles, overcoming each one with creativity. It took over 60 Iphone 3Gs during the experimental stage to create the right Iphone cover attached with the perfectly elaborate artificial diamonds.

And many times, financial losses woke up the “sleeper” and many times the organization and arrangement of screws, sharpening, filing, plating and hundreds of numbers to be calculated have become the daily obsession for these artists. And, the tiredness is never ending but not all roads are built with roses…

All products created are all luxurious thanks to very careful diamond cuts and connecting with much careful detail and patience. Thus even though they will be called “vain” when they go against many orthodox brands like Stuart Hughes, Amosu Luxury… and many luxurious brands in the world, Golden Ace deserves to enjoy the sweetness of cuts, where the loyalty to Vietnamese culture and the relentless creativity of Vietnamese hands can be sublime.

And who knows that this creative road will continue and thus lengthen the story of the “sleeper”?

In order to make a product, it must go through many stages using many secret methods that a normal person cannot understand. Below are all images to describe the whole process to make a goldplated Iphone.

(Source: | Translated by Golden Ace)

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