Customer’s privacy is very importance to GOLDENACE.VN; therefore we only use your personal information under the following circumstances.
Protects data is the issue of trust and protect your personal information is very importance to us. Therefore, we only use your personal information under the following circumstances within this privacy policy. We only collect the related information that involved the deal between you and us.
We only keep your personal information within the time allow by the laws or for the purpose that the information is collected.
Customer can always visit our website without leaving any personal information. When visiting our site, customer always under anonymous status unless you have an account on our website and login with you registered user name and passwords.
If you have questions or inquiry, please kindly mail via post or send an email to We are always wanted to hear from you.
Our privacy policy totally abides the Privacy Laws 1988:
• Collect personal information.
• Update personal information.
• Protect personal information.
• Provide personal information.
• Collect computer information.
• Change of the Privacy Policy.
Collect personal information
GOLDENACE.VN will not sells, shares or exchange customer’s personal information that collected from the website for another third party.
Your personal information will and only be used within the company.
When you register an account on GOLDENACE.VN, the personal information we collect include:
– Name
– Delivery address
– Email address
– Phone number
The collected information only use for one or more following circumstances:
– Delivery of products that are purchased at GOLDENACE.VN
– Notify the state of delivery and customer support.
– Provide products related information.
– Process the order and provide service as well as information through our website to your request.
– Besides, we will use the information you provide to help us manage our customers accounts; verify and process the customers’ financial deals related to the online payments; keep track of data loaded from our website; improve interface and/or contents of our website to be more user friendly; identify customer visit the website; study the demographic of the user; send to customer information that we think is useful or requested by customer, these information include products and services that approved by you.
We may have to provide your name and address to the shipping company or our distributors to delivery your products..
When register an account on our website GOLDENACE.VN, we will use the provided information to send detail of promotion. You can unsubscribe to this function at anytime via the account setting.
All the payments made through our website will be process by our company, GOLDEN AGE Company Ltd. You are requested to provide us or distributors exact information and have to be up to date and inform us if there is any change.
Update personal information
Customer can always update your personal information at anytime by sending us an email with new details to
Protect personal information
GOLDENACE.VN insures that all the collected information will be store safely. We will protect your personal information using the following methods
– Restrict access the personal information
– Use information technology to prevent unauthorized access from computer.
– Delete all the personal information that is no longer needed for our purpose of storing customer detail.
GOLDENACE.VN uses the 128-bit SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption method when processing the customer’s financial details. 128-bit SSL encryption method is the most secure and standard of encryption.
Provide personal information
We will never provide you information to any other company except for the company or party has direct related to the delivery of your products that are purchased with GOLDENACE.VN. Under certain special circumstances, GOLDENACE.VN is requested to provide personal information, for example if it is requested by the law or we realize that it is essential to prevent any harm may be caused. GOLDENACE.VN always abides the Law of Privacy of the country.
If you believe that personal information has been trespass by GOLDENACE.VN, please contact us at to resolve the issue.
Collect computer information
When visiting GOLDENACE.VN, our server will automatically store the information of your browser while surfing our website. This information includes:
– IP address
– Type of browser
– All the websites has been visited before visiting our website.
– All the internal links of GOLDENACE.VN
– The total time used to surf our website, search the products. Time and date and other information will be stores.
All these information collects to serve the purpose of analyze and evaluate to improve the website, service and products we provide. The personal information does not involve in this storage.
Change of Privacy Policy
GOLDENACE.VN reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy at anytime. Any of these changes will be updated and post on our website.
If you have any further questions or complain, please kindly email us at