The notices, caution, and general tips of use for customers to acquire the best durability and the longest time to keep the gold from fading.
– We insist our customers to use their products normally so they can be evaluate through the gold when holding the products directly. Therefore, should not be protect or cover with any material under any circumstances.
Example: cover the surface of the products with transparence plastic decal.
– Do not place the products in pockets that held sharp point materials such as keys, key ring. This will scratch the surface of the products
– Do not have direct or indirect contact with high chemical, solution with high alcohol level, such as: petrol, gas, paint, this will lead to the refuse warranty of the products.
– Products must not be dropped or impacted as this will cause damage to the gold or deformation lead to could not be repaired.
– Avoid direct contact with jewelry such as rings, diamonds, and earrings as they can scratch the surface of the products.
– The decoration stones we are using are from famous and well known human made diamonds manufacturers. Even though these stones are durable but they still can be damage if they are being misused.
Example: stones can shatter if impacted on hard surface or crack and loose if drop the products while using. Therefore, customers must not let the products drop.

Warranty time of our products is built base on the standard of the plating. Base on the standard and quality of each product range to determine the warranty time for each product. This length of time can be varied.
Warranty time will have effect from the day the product is fully done and delivered to customers. This will apply for both customers and retailers.

The products will be under our warranty policy when meet the standard criteria of our company:
• The products must be produced by Golden Ace and sold either directly or indirectly to the customers.
• Warranty time has not been expired.
• Fading of the gold naturally through daily usage or technical faulty from Golden Ace when producing the products.
• Accept warranty for products encrusted with gem stones or diamonds if they fell out or shattered naturally.

Golden Ace will not warrant for customers’ products under the following circumstances:
• The warranty time of the products have been expired.
• The scratches and looses of gold due to customers’ faulty usage such as drop, impact with hard objects, direct or indirect contact with high alcohol level substances.
• Product that contacted with pointy or sharp objects lead to the scratches on the surface cause damage to the gold plating.

Step 1: Distributors/Retailers will receive the product from customer, confirm the condition of the products then provide a product acceptance invoice and the date of return. If cannot be fix then must send back to Golden Ace office in Vietnam
Step 2: Golden Ace will receive the product from distributors/retailers directly at our showroom 57A Hung Vuong st, Ward 4, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City.
Step 3: After receiving the products, our technical staffs will check and confirm on the condition of the product then provide a products acceptance invoice and the date of return, a scan copy of the invoice will also be sent through email. In case the product does not work normally, Golden Ace technical staffs will accept the warrant the product with conditions apply and will be informed through email.
*Notes: Time for the warranty will not be more than business 10 days from the day receive the product exclude delivery time.